Sharay 4000

Fully Automated CLIA Analyzer

Product Introduction

Flagship instrument of Sharay series,a new choice for chemiluminescence. Support full line products such as autoimmune,allergens,thrombosis,cytokines,and routine projects. A single module constant speed up to 600 T/H,with a reagent count of 40 and an allergen count of 115. The first result time is 16 minutes and 30 seconds,with bidirectional LIS communication and support for pipeline online use.

Product Features

·Test speed: Up to 600T/H for a single analysis module;

·Alkaline phosphatase enzyme catalyzed chemiluminescence;

·Number of reagent positions: The number of individual analysis modules is 40, and the number of allergens can be expanded to 115;

·Sample scheduling module sample capacity: ≥ 37 sample racks (370 samples);

·Independent sample needles, 2 reagent needles, and 4 mobile grippers;

·The entire system is controlled at a constant temperature to ensure the stability of the results;

·Automatic dilution ratio of cleaning solution to minimize manual operation;

·Two way Lis communication, independent reporting system.

Note: Currently, 2 units can be connected online, with a speed and reagent position of * 2. In the future, ≥ 4 units can be connected online.