Accurate diagnosis of difficult and miscellaneous diseases

Product Introduction

100+ China NMPA registration certificates for accurate diagnosis of difficult and complex diseases; Chemiluminescence platform with advanced and reliable methodology; Fully automatic and quantitative detection, precise, fast, and convenient.

Product Features

Fully covering antibodies against autoimmune diseases, using advanced magnetic particle chemiluminescence platform technology, immune abnormalities are nowhere to hide.

Products include anti nuclear antibody spectrum, infertility screening, antiphospholipid syndrome, anti myositis antibody spectrum, membranous nephropathy, interstitial lung disease, neuron antigen spectrum, inflammatory bowel disease, thrombocytopenic purpura, IgG4 related diseases, bullous skin disease antibodies, pernicious anemia, ANCA related vasculitis, rheumatoid arthritis, type I diabetes, autoimmune liver disease, etc.

Specially equipped with Sharay series instruments for quantitative analysis and detection, the operation is simple and convenient, with low cost and high throughput. The first result only takes 39 minutes. Guaranteed after-sales service and high-level professional brand service. Stable and reliable, fully automated analysis, effectively reducing the workload of department teachers, and reliable quality of supporting reagents.