Sharay 1600

Fully Automated CLIA Analyzer

Product Introduction

C-Luminary Biotech’s popular instrument products offer a peak experience and ultimate pleasure. Support full line products such as autoimmune,allergens,thrombosis,cytokines,and routine projects. The constant speed up to 120 T/H,and the first result time is 16 minutes and 30 seconds. Precision,efficiency,and stability are the characteristics of the Sharay 1600,which can be flexibly combined and tested on demand.

Product Features

·At a constant speed of 120T/H, the first result time was only 16.5min;

·Rail injection, independent emergency position design;

·When loading more than 1000 cuvettes at a time, the system automatically arranges the cuvettes;

·Third order magnetic separation cleaning, fully eliminating interference factors;

·Automatic maintenance reduces workload.