Quantitative CLIA assay, a new benchmark for allergy detection

Product Introduction

Quantitative CLIA assay, a new benchmark for allergy detection Rich variety of project menus, covering common allergens in daily life. Quantitative detection of numerical results to assist in accurate diagnosis and treatment of allergies.

Product Features

The allergen detection system of C-Luminary Biotech uses magnetic particle chemiluminescence method, which is more accurate and reliable than ELISA and other methods. It uses specialized detection instruments to quantitatively detect allergen specific IgE (sIgE) in human serum.

We have launched a flexible combination project menu specifically targeting the Chinese market, covering over 40 common allergens.

Users can freely combine according to actual situations, and a single serum can quantitatively detect inhaled and ingested allergens. Specially equipped with Sharay series instruments for quantitative analysis and detection, the operation is simple and convenient, with low cost and high throughput. The first result only takes 39 minutes. Guaranteed after-sales service and high-level professional brand service.