Accurate quantitative detection, aid in diagnosing inflammatory infections

Product Introduction

Accurate quantification to aid in diagnosing inflammatory infections Accurate classification of immune cells, dynamic monitoring of the immune system, and precise search for disease markers. Sensitive response to health conditions and timely detection of disease risks.

Product Features

C-Luminary Biotech uses magnetic particle chemiluminescence method, the cytokine project includes detection indicators such as interleukin family, tumor necrosis factor, chemokine, growth factor, interferon, etc. It has the advantages of high sensitivity, good marker stability, pollution-free, wide detection range, simple and fast operation, and simple and economical instruments. It is currently the most ideal detection technology for immunoquantitative analysis.

Cytokines are involved in a variety of diseases, including but not limited to inflammatory/infectious diseases, malignant blood diseases, COVID-19, autoimmune diseases, coronary heart disease, tumors, anti-tumor immunity and transplant rejection, metabolic diseases, etc., which can be applied to multiple departments, such as ICU, infection department, dermatology department, rheumatic immune department, digestive department, respiratory department, allergy department, etc.