Routine Tests

Whole blood test, flexible combination

Product Introduction

Whole blood test, flexible combination, platform expansion. Complete test menu, methodological advantages, instrument stability, reliable reagents.

Product Features

Routine Testing Items of C-Luminary Biotech includes myocardial markers, brain injury markers, inflammatory infections, thyroid function, sex hormones, tumor markers, bone metabolism, anemia, glucose metabolism, hypertension, eugenics, respiratory pathogens, etc.

With a professional team dedicated to the development of photochemically luminescent reagents, after years of careful polishing, we have seamlessly integrated chemiluminescence methods with routine detection of biomarkers, completing the upgrading, transformation, and inheritance of another new platform. The new generation of chemiluminescence detection reagents have the characteristics of high analytical sensitivity, high accuracy, wide linear range, fast reaction speed, longer validity period, and small inter batch differences; The testing project portfolio is more flexible and can be tested as needed to better meet the needs of laboratories, clinical settings, and patients; Reagents are equipped with corresponding quality control substances to reduce detection system deviations and ensure more accurate and reproducible detection results.